This guide is not just the key to delving into the hidden wonders of Prenzlauer Berg—it’s also a gorgeous object in itself.

Everything in this guide has been personally tested by us (and is up for review every three months). Okay, we didn’t try the dog food. But we did ask the dogs we know—and they looked very happy.

The guides are available at select Berlin locations—hotels, cafés, restaurants, bars and stores—so they find their way into the hands of the right people. Pick up a free copy at one of the participating outlets listed on our dedicated Prenzlauer Berg page.

We think they make a pretty nifty little souvenir or gift, or just a gorgeous poster that will always keep “Prenzelberg” on your wall, and in your heart.


Why would perfectly sane people make a guide?

We didn’t choose this guide. The guide chose us. We’ve always been passionate about Pzbg, and so people always asked us what to do in our neighbourhood—even people living in other areas of Berlin!

Soon we realised we shouldn’t be selfish… It was time to make these rich treasures available to the general public.

Clearly there was only one thing to do. Make the most beautiful map of P’berg imaginable, with a handy guide—and convert more people to the passion of the P.

The Art Print

Wonderful silk-screen art print in approx. A2 (paper 500 x 700 mm), hand-printed and signed by the illustration artist, limited edition.

Buy it in a Berlin store or online from us for only 29€*

(*incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)

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