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The Walks

You’ll notice a number of walking tours marked on our printed map. Here, you can find supplementary information for these walks, including Google Map links.

Timings are just for the walking part, so add extra for refreshment stops, shopping, art or whatever floats your boat. There are plenty of benches along the way for some green gazing and people watching.

Along these routes, keep checking our map for points of interest. Then, you can either look them up in the print guide or here on this site, to discover the full depth of this incredible neighbourhood.

Time to plunge into Prenzlauer Berg (Wikipedia)!

Hip Walk (5km/3.1mi ≈60min net walking time)

Actually technically covering some Mitte (Wikipedia) area as well, this walk along Kastanienallee with a visit to Weinbergspark and Kastanienallee makes for a nice transition from the more hectic to a relaxed Berlin.

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Cozy Walk (4km/2.5mi ≈47min net walking time)

This is a walk right into the heart of P’berg, to Kollwitzstraße and the Platz with the same name patron (Wikipedia). They area is famous for its picturesque streets full of stores & cafes populated by notorious P’berg moms pushing their twin strollers. Take a rest on the Wasserturm hill.

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Hidden Walk (5km/3.1mi ≈60min net walking time)

Have some extra time left over for “Ze Berg”, then walk some areas almost void of tourists. You will pass some stretches of unagitated scenery, but this allows you to see some serious socialist architecture in Ernst-Thälmann-Park and living conditions outside the in-crowd neighborhoods.

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1. Ernst-Thälmann-Park — Socialist architecture park

Socialist Architecture park
Mon-Fri 10-18h, map A4

Fancy a dose of socialist architecture? Locals might not love this park but it perfectly showcases “Good Bye Lenin”-style DDR high rises. Marvel at the huge monument to Ernst himself.

Read: Wikipedia
Call: No phone#
Go to: Ernst-Thälmann-Park

2. Berliner Mauer Gedenkstätte — Berlin Wall memorial

OFF-MAP: Berlin Wall memorial
Visitor center Tue-Sun 10-18h, map B1

The famous Berlin Wall divided the city into two from 1961-1989. And this is the city’s central memorial to it, extending along 1.4 km of the former border and containing information about how Germany’s division played out. Follow Bernauer Str. for 550m (6 min) direction west from the map icon to get there.
Read: Site
Call: +4930467986666
Go to: Bernauer Str. 111

3. Gethsemanekirche — Church

Sun 11h, open Mai-Sep 17-19h, map B2

The largest and most well-known Lutheran church in this area. It was a major meeting point in the 1980s for the human rights movement of the DDR.
Read: Wikipedia
Call: +49304457745
Go to: Stargarder Str. 77

4. Jüdischer Friedhof — Jewish cemetery

Jewish cemetery
Mon-Thu 8-16h, Fri 7:30-13h, map B3

This Jewish cemetery dates back to 1827 and, undestroyed by the Nazis, remains an important landmark of the city’s rich Jewish history. Instead of flowers, the tradition is to lay small stones on the graves.
Read: Site
Call: +49304419824
Go to: Schönhauser Allee 25

5. Kulturbrauerei — Industrialization age architecture

Old brewery turned cultural hub
Each venue with own opening hrs., map A2

Instead of beer, this late-19th-century brewery now flows with culture — in the form of open air events, Christmas markets, clubs, a museum, a concert space and a cinema.
Read: Site
Call: +493044352614
Go to: Schönhauser Allee 36

6. Synagoge Rykestraße — Synagogue

Tours: Thu 14-18h, Sun 11-16h, map A3

One of Europe’s largest synagogues offers stunning architecture and remarkable history. It was built in 1904, survived the Nazis, and was the only synagogue functioning in Communist East Berlin. Call ahead of time to arrange a visit.

Read: Site
Call: +4930880280
Go to: Rykestr. 53

7. Wasserturm — Industrialization age architecture

Water tower, no access, map B3
This British-built water tower was the highest point of the city when completed in 1877. Nicknamed “Fat Hermann”, it was the site of an early Nazi concentration camp — and its apartments are much in demand today.
Read: Wikipedia
Call: No phone#
Go to: Knaackstr. 23

8. Zionskirche — Church

Sun 12-17h with tower access, map B2

This church was the domain of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor and icon of resistance during fascist times. It still gives a positive viewpoint on the world, or at least Berlin, if you fancy climbing the tower on Sundays.
Read: Site
Call: +49303087920
Go to: Invalidenstraße 4A

9. Flohmarkt Arkonaplatz — Park & flea market

Park & flea market
Sun 10-16h, map B1

Ten minutes’ walk from the Mauerpark madness, Flohmarkt Arkonaplatz is a smaller and more refined flea market. Expect quality furniture, accessories, clothing, vinyl and books — and plenty of refreshment in the surrounding cafés.
Read: Site
Call: +49307869764
Go to: Arkonaplatz

10. Helmholtzplatz — Square & neighbourhood

Square & neighbourhood, map A3
Berlin is divided into mini-hoods called “kiez” (pronounced “keets”). And this one takes its name from the leafy square Helmholtz­platz at its heart. So be sure to explore its surrounding streets to experience the full package.
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Call: No phone#
Go to: Helmholtzplatz

11. Öko-/Wochenmarkt Kollwitzplatz — Park & market

Park & market
Thu 9-16h, Sat 9-16h, map B3

Kollwitzplatz plays host to two weekly markets: Satur­day has one of Berlin’s star organic farmers’ markets, while Thursday — with ready-to-eat organic­ food stalls — will satisfy a more immediate hunger.
Read: Site
Call: No phone#
Go to: Kollwitzplatz

12. Leisepark — Park & old graveyard

Park & old graveyard
Mar-Oct 8-20h, Nov-Feb 8-17h, map B4

Even many locals don’t know about Leisepark, set in a former graveyard, which has the feel of an enchanted park from centuries past. Take a stroll and even sun yourself a while — if you don’t find it too creepy.
Read: Site
Call: No phone#
Go to: entrance opposite Heinrich-Roller-Str. 24

13. Mauerpark — Park & flea market

Park & flea market
Start Sun 15h, map A1

Thousands descend on Mauerpark every Sunday afternoon all year round for the famous flea market. Beyond 170 booths of clothes, furniture and more, find food, drink, live music, dancing, basketball — and a karaoke show.
Read: Site
Call: +493029772486
Go to: entrance opposite Eberswalder Str. 104

14. Volkspark Friedrichshain — Large park

Off-map: Large park, map B4
This giant park might belong to Friedrichshain, but Volkspark Friedrichshain runs alongside southwest Pberg for easy access. It has a pond, tennis courts, a restaurant and a post-WWII rubble mountain. Follow Am Friedrichshain st. for ­130m (2 min) direction east from the map icon.
Read: Wikipedia
Call: No phone#
Go to: off-map sight reached via a short walk following a street named ‘Prenzlauer Berg’ into ‘Am Friedrichshain’

15. Weinbergspark — Park

Park, map B1
Mitte’s only official public park, Weinbergs­park features Swiss restaur. Nola, an arts space, a bar called Rosengarten and a water playground for kids. In sunnier months it gets evening rays for longer, making it a hipster and beer magnet.
Read: Site
Call: No phone#
Go to: Weinbergspark

16. Bauen und Wohnen im Prenzlauer Berg um 1900 — Museum

Museum, entry 3€ (1,50€)
Thu-Tue 11-16:30h, map A3

Transport yourself to an ­authentic Prenzlauer Berg apartment from 1900 — in this evocative, interactive exhibition that functions as a time capsule. Info flyers in multiple languages are available on site.
Read: Site
Call: +49304452321
Go to: Dunckerstraße 77

17. Ballhaus Ost — Dance theater

Dance theater, entry ca. 15€ (8€)
Program view site, map A2

An old, charming ballroom plays host to the experimental dance, theatrical and mixed-art performances space. Check first if the language is German, English or purely physical — and prepare to get avant-garde.
Read: Site
Call: +493044039168
Go to: Pappelallee 15

18. Berlin on Bike — Bike tours & rental

Bike tours & rental,
Summer daily 8-20 Uhr, map A2

Limited time? Wanna go further? Join a regular guided tour in DE/NL/EN/FR (daily from March to November), book an individual tour, or stop by and rent a bike to roam by yourself. Very friendly people, and a great location.
Read: Website
Call: +493043739999
Go to: Knaackstraße 97

19. Museum “Alltag in der DDR” — Museum

Museum, free entry
Daily 10-18h, Thu till 20h, Mon closed, map A2

Discover everyday life in the former DDR, the socialist Deutsche Demokratische Republik. The museum is located in “culture brewery” the Kulturbrauerei — a great spot in its own right. Don’t miss it!

Read: Site
Call: +493046777790
Go to: Schönhauser Allee 36

20. Museum Pankow — Museum

Museum, free entry
Daily 10-18h (excl. holidays), map B3

Get some serious insights into the undoing of the DDR, the former socialist half of Germany. Experience the rich history of Prenzlauer Berg before, during and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Read: Site
Call: +4930902953917
Go to: Prenzlauer Allee 227

21. Tchoban Foundation, Museum für Architekturzeichnung — Museum

Museum, entry 5€ (3€)
Mon-Fri 14-19h, Sat-Sun 13-17h, map B3

Itself an amazing piece of architecture, this museum is dedicated to architectural drawing, and preventing the art from being lost in an age of computer-generated design. Consider reserving for a guided tour of the entire building.
Read: Site
Call: +493043739090
Go to: Christinenstraße 18a

22. Zeiss-Großplanetarium — Planetarium

Planetarium, entry usually 8€ (6€)
Hrs. view site, map A4

One of Europe’s largest modern planetaria was built by the socialist DDR government. It’s not only used for astronomy shows, but also hosts musical concerts — and even audio drama.
Read: Site
Call: +49304218450
Go to: Prenzlauer Allee 80

23. BECYCLE / MY GOODNESS — Boutique fitness / organic café

Boutique fitness / organic café, free Wifi
Mon-Fri 7-19.30h, Sat 8.30-14h, Sun 10-14h, map B1

Get your double health fix here: try indoor cycling, barre, yoga or HIIT, then replenish yourself with delicious yet salutary dishes, smoothies, and more. Flexible class packages and an elegant setting provide all you need in one spot.
Read: Website BECYCLE Website MY GOODNESS
Call: +493028035570
Go to: Brunnenstr. 24

24. Blaumond — Café & bistro

Café & bistro, free WifI,
Mon-Fri 8-18h, Sat 11-18h , map B4

East of Prenzlauer Allee is this dreamy street-café with homemade French pastries and savory dishes. Mostly local guests turn up for its relaxed vibes. Boot up with a breakfast, or unwind with a glass of wine or a cocktail.
Read: Website
Go to: Immanuelkirchstraße 3

25. Café Anna Blume — Café & bistro

Café & bistro,
Daily 8-22h, map A3

Famous for traditional German cake, this bustling spot is routinely crowned the queen of “torte”. But people also come for the abundant breakfast served on an étagère. This, as well as savory dishes, can be enjoyed on the terrace.
Read: Website
Call: +493044048749
Go to: Kollwitzstraße 83

26. Café Fleury — Café & bistro

Café & bistro, free WifI,
Mon-Fri 8-22h, Sat/Sun/holiday 9-20h, map B1

Berlin life can be brash. So stop here for a French “savoir vivre” remedy. All-day breakfast is joined by quiches, croques, salads and soups from noon — plus delicious family-recipe tartes. Finish the day with a glass of wine or an apéritif.
Read: Facebook
Call: +493044034144
Go to: Weinbergsweg 20

27. Café Neue Liebe — Café & bistro

Café & bistro, free WifI,
Wed-Mon 10-18h, map A3

This small, homelike, simply friendly place serves vegetarian and vegan sweet and savory dishes including a great breakfast. All goes down well on the peaceful, morning-sun street terrace. The vegan Belgian waffles are a must.
Read: Website
Call: +491621089809
Go to: Rykestrasse 42

28. Early Birds — Italian gelateria & café

Italian gelateria & café, free WifI,
Daily 7-20h, Sat-Sun from 8h, map B4

Need your coffee at 7am? These Italian guys have got your back with their delicious house roast and a friendly smile no matter the hour. They also offer fantastic daily-made gelato and fresh pastries, like our beloved chocolate éclairs.
Read: Facebook
Call: +4916095479938
Go to: Winsstraße 68

29. Fräulein Dickes — Café & bistro

Café & bistro, free WifI,
Wed-Sat 9-18h, Sun/holidays from 10h, map A3

This sweet, carefully furnished little café serves wonderful homemade sweets, b’fast and healthy dishes. And the Fräulein offers a unique stay, with her tree-lined, south-facing street terrace that looks all the way down to Helmholtzplatz.
Read: Facebook
Call: +493077904900
Go to: Stargarder Str. 60

30. Impala Coffee — Café, smoothies & snacks

Café, smoothies & snacks,
Mon-Fri 7-20h, Sat-Sun 8-20h, map B3

This favorite watering hole for locals offers a jolly mood with its colorful shabby chic and cozy indoor/outdoor seating. We love the house-roasted coffees, cold-pressed juices and sweets. Observe city life from their busy street corner.
Read: Website
Call: +493040505485
Go to: Schönhauser Allee 173

31. Liquid Garden — Superfood smoothies & dishes

Superfood smoothies & dishes,
Mon-Fri 8-18h, Sat 10-18h, Sun 12-18h, map A2

It might be healthy, but the Garden will only sell it if it’s as yummy as the guiltiest pleasure imaginable. Daily-fresh smoothies, soups, cakes and bowls with organic ingredients are on offer, from recipes developed with a nutritionist.
Read: Instagram
Call: +4917680003378
Go to: Stargarder Str. 72

32. NO FIRE NO GLORY — Café & bistro

Café & bistro, free WifI,
Sun-Thu 9-18h, Fri-Sat till 20h, map A3

Enjoy your fair and sustainably produced specialty coffee with homemade sweet or savory dishes like hot avo-toast in an unpretentious atmosphere. This relaxed café with a street terrace sits on one of Berlin’s most beautiful streets.
Read: Website
Call: +493028839233
Go to: Rykestr. 45

33. Pasticceria Mangiarte — Café & bistro

Café & bistro, free WifI,
Tue-Fri 9-18h, Sat-Sun 10-19h, map A3

Italian history is a story of diaspora. Thankfully! That’s why we can indulge in delights like the Southern Italian sweet and savory pastries lovingly made here. Sit on the sunny street terrace, and feel like the Godfather.
Read: Website
Call: +4917647365290
Go to: Danziger Straße 23

34. Spooning Cookie Dough — Cookie dough bar

Cookie dough bar,
Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 13-19h, Sat-Sun 12-20h, map A3

Think nibbling cookie dough in the kitchen as a kid – but with seasonal flavors and toppings. Free of egg or anything that could make your tummy ache, there’s no reason to hold back. Parents seem to love that it doesn’t drip…
Read: Website
Call: +491773104310
Go to: Kollwitzstraße 56

35. Suicide Sue — Café & bistro

Café & bistro, free WifI,
Mon-Fri 8-18h, Sat 9-19h, Sun 10-19h, map A3

Don’t let the name scare you – enter this café to enjoy hazard-free treats like delicious breakfasts or “Stulle” with homemade spreads. This specially German sandwich only works with excellent bread — which Sue provides.
Read: Website
Call: +493064834745
Go to: Dunckerstr. 2

36. Unicorn.Berlin — Café & coworking

Café & coworking, free WifI,
Mon-Fri 8:30-19h, Sat-Sun 10-17h, map B1

Need a co-working space while in Berlin? Or just want to enjoy that digital nomad feeling? Find it all here. Plus great coffee, healthy food and friendly staff. Better still, you can come just for the coffee – and watch others work.
Read: Website
Call: +493091445472
Go to: Saarbrücker Straße 36

37. AVOCAI — Paleo café, restaurant & pilates studio

Paleo café, restaurant & pilates studio, free WiFi,
Mon-Fri 8-16h, Sa 9-16h, Sun 9-14h, map B1

Need a physical and spiritual recharge? Find pilates classes here as well as a paleo-style, mostly organic, vegan/veggie menu, covering breakfast, lunch and more, inspired by Russian/Asian cuisine. Exhale now!
Read: Facebook
Call: +493044317130
Go to: Brunnenstr. 165

38. BERLINER CANTUCCINI — Biscuit maker & tasting room

Biscuit maker & tasting room,
Tue/Wed 11-13h, Thu/Fri 13-17h, map A3

Discover multiple and changing versions of the typical Tuscan almond pastry produced at this local bakery. Have them straight, dip ’em, bring them along to meetings, or even sample them savory with an aperitivo.
Read: Website
Call: +493048493535
Go to: Kollwitzstraße 90

39. Chutnify — South Indian specialties

South Indian specialties, free WifI,
Daily 12-23h, map A3

Not your parents’ old-school Indian place. Enjoy street-food-style samosa chaat, bhelpuri, and vadas — plus traditional dosas, thalis, and curries — in a curated, colorful South Indian-style setting with a warm and welcome feeling.
Read: Website
Call: +4903044010795
Go to: Sredzkistraße 43

40. Der Hahn ist tot — German/French restaurant

German/French restaurant,
Tue-Sun from 18:30h, map B2

The flair of 1900s Berlin meets tattooed waiters, with plenty of irony. Go for the solid €24 four-course menu of French/German cuisine with wines and spirits from small labels. The front terrace looks onto our favorite Berlin church square.
Read: Website
Call: +493065706756
Go to: Zionskirchstr. 40

41. Donath — Italian restaurant

Italian restaurant,
Daily 12-24h, map B2

Rebels welcome. Here, Giuliano serves authentic Italian food and wines, focusing on his home region Friuli. But there’s no mandolins, only rock. It all feels a bit more raw, but it’s very alive. See a guy dancing on a table? It’s him!
Read: Facebook
Call: +49304480129
Go to: Schwedter Str. 13

42. Gourmet Garage — Gourmet deli

Gourmet deli,
Mon-Fri 14-20h, Sat 11-16h, map B3

Berlin’s innovative startups include foodie ones, too. This is the one-stop shop to discover these companies’ tasty specialties. Grab food and drinks on the go, or buy some unique, edible souvenirs at an affordable price.
Read: Website
Call: +493054713833
Go to: Kollwitzstraße 20

43. Kochhaus — Cooking concept store & school

Cooking concept store & school,
Mon-Sat 10-21h, map A2

This Berlin classic offers ingredients for home cooking, along with top-level German and international cooking equipment, condiments and books, making perfect souvenirs and gifts. Alternatively, join one of many creative cooking classes.
Read: Website
Call: +4930577089100
Go to: Schönhauser Allee 46

44. La Criolla — Argentine Empanada fast food

Argentine Empanada fast food, free WifI,
Tue-Sun 12-21h, map A4

The ultimate Argentine empanada in Berlin. The home-made healthy pastries will melt in your mouth and flood you with the taste of tango. Return to try more of their 24 kinds — including tasty meat, veggie and vegan fillings.
Read: Website
Call: +491772463286
Go to: Marienburger Str. 9

45. Lia’s Kitchen — Vegan Burgers & Salads

Vegan Burgers & Salads, free WifI,
Daily 12-22h, map B3

This small, cozy neighborhood joint is 100% vegan. We love the homemade fresh burgers, huge salads and the super-delish classic smoothie. Quality and nutritional value are guaranteed. Receive a 5% discount with our print guide Fall/Winter 2017/2018 guide!
Read: Website
Call: +493068324637
Go to: Kollwitzstraße 47

46. Maria Bonita — Mexican fast food

Mexican fast food,
Daily from 12h, map A3

Not your 1970s-style Mexican place — this place serves straightforward street-food cuisine. Fresh, homemade tacos, quesadillas, burritos and weekly specials, washed down with margaritas in a colorful interior as authentic as the food.
Read: Website
Go to: Danziger Str. 33

47. Minutillo — Austrian snack & deli

Austrian snack & deli,
Mon-Fri 8:30-18h, map B1

This small, unique Austrian joint lets you sample sweet or savory “knödel” dumplings, such as those with spinach and sage butter. Even better, start your day with coffee and a strudel. They also offer specialty Austrian schnapps.
Read: Facebook
Call: +491732367345
Go to: Brunnenstraße 182

48. Nalu Diner — American diner

American diner, free WiFi
Wed-Fri 10–21h, Sat-Sun 9-21h, map A3

The most authentic American diner in Berlin we know of. Lean on the alternative side without compromising on quality, its old-fashioned flavors are made with natural ingredients and lots of love. The real – free refill – deal!
Read: Website
Call: +493089758633
Go to: Dunckerstraße 80A

49. Orlando — Sicilian restaurant & deli

Sicilian restaurant & deli, free WiFi
Mon-Fri 12-21h, map A2

With its hand-crafted Sicilian décor, this warm eatery effuses Mediterranean joy. Enjoy island-flavours ranging from traditional and street-food style lunch or dinner with weekly new dishes and tasty wines to café and handmade cakes.
Read: Website Instagram Facebook
Call: +493023567555
Go to: Rhinower Str. 10

50. Rawtastic — Raw vegan restaurant

Raw vegan restaurant, free WifI,
Mon-Sat 11-23h, Sun 12-22:30h, map A3

All-vegan and also raw — these guys are on a mission. The five-tapas plate is a fine intro, and “Pizzatastic”, maybe Berlin’s healthiest pizza, an experience. The team look like escapees from a beauty farm. It must be the food!
Read: Website
Call: +4915258705349
Go to: Danzigerstr 16

51. Rose Garden — Deli & concept store

Deli & concept store, free WifI,
Mon-Fri 8-23h, Sat-Sun from 9h, map B3

This beautiful, lofty space features big windows to watch the hectic street life. Yet the main focus is a clean, yet delicious eating experience. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner with food that feels good even beyond its flavor.
Read: Website
Call: +493054889263
Go to: Alte Schönhauser Str. 61

52. Ryong — Vietnamese-Japanese restaurant

Vietnamese-Japanese restaurant,
Mon-Sat 12-23h, Sun from 14h, map B3

We love this place for its experimental veggie/vegan dishes combining Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine, the relaxed and super-friendly team, and the incredibly well-done decor. Great for a casual lunch as well as an intimate dinner.
Read: Website
Call: +493030307047
Go to: Torstr 59

53. Schlomo’s Bagels — NY bagel restaurant

NY bagel restaurant, free WiFi
Mon/Thu-Sat 9-18h, Sun 10-18h, map B3

Love a home-baked, organic, Fairtrade and New York street-legal bagel? Then come and enjoy them in many variations, including the classic cream cheese and lox, in this kick-back joint that would make Jay-Z feel at home.
Read: Website
Call: +493012021987
Go to: Kollwitzstraße 44

54. Standard – Serious Pizza — Pizzeria

Pizzeria, free WifI,
Tue-Fri 18-24h, Sat-Sun from 13h, map B2

The new Italian kid in town comes from Naples and subtitles itself Serious Pizza, leaving no doubt about its intentions. The modern yet comfy setting is bustling — perfect for striking up conversation with other guests.
Read: Website
Call: +493048625614
Go to: Templinerstraße 7

55. Sugafari — International sweets store

International sweets store,
Mon-Fri 14-19.30h, Sat 11-18h, map B2

Find out what sweet-toothed Australians, Japanese or French people nibble in the motley world of Sugafari. Its huge selection includes hilariously packaged candies, snacks and soft drinks from all five continents.
Read: Website
Call: +493095609713
Go to: Kopenhagener Str. 69

56. W – Der Imbiss — Vegan & Vegetarian fusion food

Vegan & vegetarian fusion food, free WifI,
Sun-Thu 12-22h, Fri-Sat till 23h, map B2

Take McDonalds and turn it upside down, including the logo, and it becomes this fantastic world-fusion restaurant, serving mostly veggie/vegan plus salmon dishes on fresh-baked naan bread. Visit their new joint in Schöneberg, too!
Read: Website
Call: +493044352206
Go to: Kastanienallee 49

57. Bar Milano — Italian aperitivo bar

Italian aperitivo bar, free WifI,
Daily 18-24h, Wed-Thu -1h, Sat-Sun -2h, map B1

Park your Vespa here to enjoy a real aperitivo. The cool Italian team at this stylish bar serve up classic negroni or spritz plus delicious homemade finger food, all to make you feel like you’re in Milano. 100% Dolce Vita!
Read: Website
Call: +493047377011
Go to: Brunnenstraße 11

58. Herman Belgian Bar — Belgian beer bar

Belgian beer bar,
Daily 18-2h, map B3

Forget the low-budget industry lager and indulge in some wickedly strong and tasty high-end craft beers among a warm, grown-up crowd. One of the few good places open after hours (with food next door).
Read: Website
Call: +493044312854
Go to: Schönhauser Allee 173

59. La Muse Gueule — Bar & bistro

Bar & bistro,
Daily from 17:30h, map A3

This great, informal wine and beer bar serves tasty cold and warm French bistro classics. They also make one of the best crèmes brûlée around. You’ll receive a warm welcome and might bump into one of their occasional concerts.
Read: Facebook
Call: +493043206596
Go to: Sredzkistraße 14

60. Sorsi e Morsi — Italian wine bar

Italian wine bar,
Mon-Sat frm 18h open-end, map A4

Pure Italian hospitality: always packed, yet always room for one more. At “Sips and Bites”, you’ll meet people if you want to or not. Great Italian wines and a free little antipasti platter. Outdoor drinking in summer. Smokers welcome.
Read: Website
Call: +493044038216
Go to: Marienburger Str. 10

61. A.D.Deertz — Local menswear brand

Local menswear brand,
Mon-Sat 12-20h, map B2

The reinterpretations of classic menswear here will blend perfectly into your wardrobe, while providing inspiration for a smile every day. High-quality fabrics are used for long-lasting, fair and sustainable clothing.
Read: Website
Call: +493091206630
Go to: Torstraße 106

62. ARGOT — Lifestyle concept store

Lifestyle concept store,
Mon/Wed-Sat 11-19h , map B1

Where beauty meets purpose: in a world drowning in choices, this intimate concept store presents a highly curated product selection. Those who like having a few good keepers around at home are likely to come back for more.
Read: Website
Call: no phone
Go to: Brunnenstr. 25b

63. BLUMENFISCH! — Souvenirs & art objects

Souvenirs & art objects,
Mon-Fri 8-19, Sat 10-14h, map B3

Non-kitschy souvenirs — can it be true? Blumenfisch offers an amazing selection of beautiful and functional Berlin souvenirs for all tastes, made by artisans with disabilities.
Read: Website
Call: +4930319881930
Go to: Schönhauser Allee 175

64. Boesner — Art supplies, frames & literature

Art supplies, frames & literature,
Mon-Fri 9.30-20h, Sat 9.30-18h, map A4

Like our guide? Feel like getting creative? This is where we buy our art supplies, and where you can find books on art & crafts, plus everything you need to start your own creative project. There are plenty of picture frames too.
Read: Website
Call: +4930405042611
Go to: Marienburger Str. 16

65. Buchbox — Bookstore

Mon-Sat 9:30-20:30h, map A2 + A3

One of the hood’s best spots for excellent Berlin books, postcards and tools – including our silk-screen art print of this very P’berg map — for increasing your insight into the city. But beware, it’s easy to get lost here.
Read: Website
Call: +493044308385
Go to: Kastanienallee 97

66. d.nik — Kids concept store

Kids concept store,
Mon-Fri 10-19h, Sat 10-18h, map A3

At this enchanting concept store for children, Jana, the owner, hand-picks all items. That means you’ll find sustainable furniture, smart toys and books, along with contemporary fashion and lovely shoes.
Read: Website
Call: +493030648628
Go to: Wörther Str. 14

67. das goodshaus — Lifestyle concept store

Lifestyle concept store,
Tue-Sat 10-18h map A3, Mon-Sat 11-20h map A2

Natural, sustainable, beautiful, yet functional: all descriptors of this interior, accessory and kiddie concept store, which is always a relaxing place to visit. Find things here to treat yourself, your home, or those people you love.
Read: Website
Call: +493020620304
Go to: Kastanienallee 101 & Göhrener Str. 1

68. Hortus Conclusus — Gardening concept store & café

Gardening concept store & café,
Mon 13-18h, Tue-Fri 10-18.30h, Sat 11-17h, map A4

The art of gardening – literally. This place is dedicated to literature, gifts, artistic objects and changing exhibitions, all about gardening. Along with coffee and cake like your grandmother made it. A place to calm down and strike roots.
Read: Website
Call: +493044039605
Go to: Prenzlauer Allee 224

69. Lieblingsplatz — Souvenirs, design & artprints

Souvenirs, design & artprints,
Mon-Fri 11-18h, Sat 10-15h, map B3

The “favorite place” is full of insane, lovable objects you won’t see anywhere else. That’s because they meticulously produce them right here in front of you. And not just for kids — you’ll want one, too. Like the drill that’s also a cushion.
Read: Website
Call: +493032596536
Go to: Kollwitzstrasse 22

70. LUNETTES SELECTION — Contemporary & vintage eyewear store

Contemporary & vintage eyewear store,
Mon-Fri 12-20h, Wed 10-20h, Sat 12-18h, map A3

We love the mix of deadstock designer as well as own-collection glasses here – the choice between vintage and new has never been tougher. The shop is a kind of living museum that inspires customers and even designers.
Read: Website
Call: +493044718050
Go to: Dunckerstraße 18

71. Modern Graphics — Comic shop

Comic shop,
Mon-Sat 11-20h, map A2

Discover graphic literature and sequential storytelling through a huge variety of graphic novels, German/English/French editions, superhero material, kids’ comics and a wide array of merchandise and posters.
Read: Website
Call: +493027493630
Go to: Kastanienallee 79

72. Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. — Furniture Store

Furniture Store,
Mon-Fri 10-19h, Sat 12-18h, map A2

Meet the Noodles… Hand crafters of wildly creative and extremely well-made furniture. Famous for their incredible kitchens to be found in the world’s finest work and living spaces — we love the rough yet refined touch.
Read: Website
Call: +493044045493
Go to: Schönhauser Allee 156

73. Ocelot — Bookstore & café

Bookstore & café, free WifI,
Mon-Sat 10-20h, map B1

If you love print, don’t leave Berlin without browsing this bookstore’s wide selection of English and German literature. Chat with their well-read staff about book recommendations while sipping on one of their great coffees.
Read: Website
Call: +493097894592
Go to: Brunnenstr. 181

74. Present & Paper — Paper goods & lifestyle accessories

Paper goods & lifestyle accessories,
Mon-Fri 12-19h, Sat 11-17h, map A3

If you believe even a paper clip can be chosen with great care, you’ve found your heaven here. Finely selected and carefully displayed stationery, among other gift ideas, make this place an outstanding shop of the district.
Read: Website
Go to: Schliemannstraße 25 a

75. Sommernest — Home & gift concept store

Home & gift concept store,
Tue-Fri 11-19h, Sat 10-17h, map A4

Isabelle the owner presents (mostly Scandinavian) home-design objects, picked with enormous taste and love. The decorated tables could grace an “Elle Decor” photo shoot. Pick up a charming gift or something cozy for you.
Read: Website
Call: +4917629567794
Go to: Winsstraße 16

76. Soul Objects — Concept store & art gallery

Concept store & art gallery,
Mon-Sat 11-19h, map B4

Named among the top 50 concept stores on this planet, this soulful place needs to be visited. Well-curated artisanal products, both vintage or new, are carefully displayed among local art. A must-see.
Read: Website
Call: +493068006076
Go to: Prenzlauer Allee 24

77. VEB Orange — DDR memorabilia shop

DDR memorabilia shop,
Mon-Sat 11-19h, map A2

It’s a museum. No, it’s a shop!! Dive into a colourful and groovy microcosm of DDR. How can you leave Berlin without your affordable reprint of a 1968 East Berlin streetmap or another original piece of Berliner/DDR history?
Read: Website
Call: +493097886886
Go to: Oderberger Str. 29

78. WERKHAUS — Office/home accessories/gifts

Office/home accessories/gifts,
Mon-Sat 12-18h, map A3

A VW Bus or Beetle model might make a nice gift, but would soon collect dust. Not if it’s from these ingenious makers. They turn them into useful objects like pen boxes, plant pots or even mailboxes, mixing design with sustainability.
Read: Website
Call: +493040053889
Go to: Kollwitzstraße 86

79. Zeha Berlin — Women’s & men’s shoe store

Women’s & men’s shoe store,
Mon-Fri 12-20h, Sat 10-18h, map A4

Encase your feet in a 120-year heritage of innovation and style, courtesy of these sneakers, boats and formal loafers. Though the Berlin-designed, Portugal-crafted shoes are available worldwide – this is best place to adore them.
Read: Website
Call: +493044034607
Go to: Prenzlauer Allee 213

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