These are difficult times for retailers

Don’t lose a sale because you close your store!

These are difficult times for retailers
Don’t lose a sale because you close your store!

People outside your closed store desire products in your window! Show them you want their business by making it easy to buy!

They only have to hold their phone’s camera app over a QR code page next to any product and immediately see that product in your web shop. No more web address typing and product searching!

The QR code scan with the built-in camera app works with over 90% of iPhones (from iOS 11) and Android phones (from Orio) in use. Quick instructions are on each printed page.

FREE 1-minute setup for you! – 7 seconds for window shoppers to click “buy”!

Increase impulse purchases triggered by your store window by up to 50%

Don’t let buyers walk past you because of CORONA:

  • Ordered store closing
  • Reduced store hours due to reduced shoppers and need to cut costs
  • Risk of renewed ordered store closing at short notice
    (don’t be surprised, be prepared)

Or normal store closing times:

  • Evenings
  • Weekends
  • Holidays

Showcase S.WERT Berlin

Our longtime guide partner Sandra from S.WERT Berlin was the first to get back to us with her implementation, so we hopped over and shot a little video.

(We love how they turn Berlin’s iconic, often brutalist, landmark buldings into the most outstanding pieces of home decoration. Great souvenirs, too! Visit them!)

One of their pages

(Test us: hold your phone’s camera over the QR code!)

(especcially helpful as they currently work with reduced store hours)

Use our free service by following these 3 easy steps – it only takes 1 minute!

1. Copy the web address of one of your web shop’s product pages

2. Paste the web address into the entry field below and click the button

3. Print the page you’re asked to download, and tape it to the inside of your window


Enter your product page web address here:

That’s the page prominently displaying only ONE PRODUCT, having some kind of “buy” button to add it to the basket.

Technical problems? If the resulting page doesn’t show useful data for you, please check if you really entered a product page (not the start page of your online shop or similar). If the web address is correct, please mail that address to us at, and we will fix this and get back to you.

Legal disclaimer! We can’t assume any responsibility for the correctness of the data on the generated product page. Please verify each page’s text, image and QR code.

Happy with our service? Tell us via social media. Or mail us a photo of the page in your window and we feature you:

Let your store-owner friends know they can increase their sales, too!