Gift Card explainer page

The Gift Card

This is a mockup of a Gift Card. They will include your logo and will be designed using your colors.

The printed promo material

We will provide you with free promo material such as table-top displays and flyers to place with the in-romm guest info material. This material will be designed using your colors. And your logo, if you should wish so.

The Gift Card promotional web page

Additionally, we will create a special Gift Card promotional page linking to participating hotel, on which you can be featured for free, if you want.

The Gift Card companion web page

When scanning the QR code or visiting the URL on the card, the card holder will find a page very similar to our “guide companion pages”. It’s an experience optimised for use with a smartphone.

Since using the card makes most sense in conjunction with our free district walking guides, this page list all of Berlin’s Gift Card participants embedded in the totality of our listings. Those listings with gifts will be highlighted.

… when scrolling down …